Bethany – A Beehive of Activity

Bethany Kindergarten is like a beehive with activity – 300 children full of energy, joy and laughter.

Nisshin Japan 20 May 2016

Bethany Kindergarten is like a beehive with activity – 300 children full of energy, joy and laughter. It is so energizing to visit the kindergarten and be with them, especially in days like a few days ago when we were invited to join a trip to a waterpark. Children were laughing and running here and there feeding the penguins, the fish and the sea lions and then enjoying the show with the dolphins.

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It may seem odd that a kindergarten can be involved in the fight against sex-trafficking but it is very much a reality for Bethany Kindergarten in Nisshin Japan (in the Nagoya area). They have been involved in the fight since the leadership has a great passion and love for children. Mark Magnusson and his board and staff are committed to rescue and educate children and have been very much involved in our effort in combatting trafficking  in Nepal since the very start in 2009. They helped us with funds for the start of the first home in Kathmandu and have continued to be involved with raising funds through concerts, charity events and meetings. Two months ago a group from here also visited Nepal to help out and as a consequence of that trip the network ‘Badi friends’ have started.

Mika sensei giving origami flower bouquet to Pastor Raju at Hotel farewell copy

Mika saying farewell to Raju Sundas when leaving Kathmandu

Mika Sato and ‘Badi friends’

Mika Sato is a singer, songwriter, musician and choir leader. She was very moved by what she experienced in Nepal on a trip a couple of months ago, when she and a team visited the hostels, the school, the baby-center and the half-way house, etc. She has now taken the initiative and started a network they call “Badi friends”. Several other choir leaders have also joined the group and are working on getting more sponsors involved by speaking about it during their concerts and performances.

Thank you Bethany friends for your passion and love for the children of Nepal!

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