Rama, a passionate spokeswoman and activist for the Badi women – a voice for those without voices

Here is a thank-you-note from Rama Badi in western Nepal for help with food for the needy. Her community is one of the places that we have been able to help with food.

Rama is one of the leaders and our partner in the village where we started with the housing project. She has for many years been a passionate spokeswoman for the Badi women, .

“All over Nepal, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are increasing and government is adding lockdown duration. By the reason of that all people are facing crisis of basic needs. Because of Lockdown the situation is becoming worst everywhere mostly in rural areas where daily-wage workers live. In a situation of dying of hunger the helping hands of Out of Ashes and The Light House Foundation Nepal Family has distributed relief packages to the Badi society in Lamki Chuha Municipality, ward No. 3, Balchaur, Kailali. Around 142 family, 900 hundred people, got relief packages and we heartily thank you Out of Ashes and The Light House Foundation Nepal family for your tremendous contribution”.

– Rama Badi, Balchaur 

Uma and Rama Badi are two of the most prominent women among the Badi people who have been fighting for human rights, and an end of sexual exploitation of the Badi women. At a gala in 2018 they received awards for their work.

Rama in Kailali district a few days ago receiving food aid we sent for her village
Rama at the big demonstration for Badi women’s rights in Kathmandu 2007

For many countries, not least for Nepal and India, the quarantine and lockdown of the last two months have been disastrous. Millions are without work, income and food. After every major disaster that takes place, there are also those who exploit people’s vulnerability, and now poor families and their children become easy prey for human trafficking and forced labor. School closures have not only blocked access to education but also a source of protection and food for millions of children. Due to the pandemic, more children are being forced into the streets to search for food and money, which increases their risk of exploitation.

Thank you for all the gifts for emergency food assistance. Continue with your love gifts! When this acute phase is over, we will continue with the work we had begun earlier, but for now food is the urgent need.