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At the beginning of this year we just want to say A Great Big Thank You to all friends of Out of Ashes and Light House Foundation Nepal (LHFN) for your help and support at this crucial time for the work in Nepal. It is so amazing to see how people reach out to help a bit extra when we are in difficult situations. Right now we need to see many more regular sponsors join us so we can meet the financial needs of all the girls in Nepal on a long-term basis. Our goal is 300 new sponsors so that all children will have a sponsors.

If you have friends that you can forward this update to, please do so to help us!

A short background to the work:

2009 – Rescue home for 30 sexually abused and vulnerable girls was started in Kathmandu Nepal. The focus was the Badi women and girls, an untouchable caste in Nepal in which the girls are born to be sexually abused destined to become sex slaves because of their caste.

Ten children homes – The work has grown to become the largest children welfare organization in Nepal caring for 680 children in ten homes. The government is very pleased with the work and ranks the organization as one of the three best run NGOs in the nation out of 572 organizations.

Vocational Training – The work also includes vocational training programs like tailoring, jewellery making, baking, training to become beauticians, hairdressers, etc. This is for girls who have been previously sold into brothels but been rescued.

Education – Christian Community School started 2011 and now has more than 800 children from kindergarten to High School. Sponsorship is also given to University studies.

Critical Care Centre  –  A Rescue and Rehab centre for girls and women rescued right out of the brothels in Delhi, India. They get a place to stay, receive trauma counselling and medical help, love and care, etc. and are later given opportunity for further help with restoration and healing in Kathmandu.

Organic farm – Vegetables are being grown to reduce the cost of food for the homes.

Training and recreation facility outside Kathmandu.

  • A regular gift of 25, 50, 100 USD will give us a foundation to continue to work. 


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Best wishes to you all

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