Vännäs, 2 February 2017

I have just put down the phone again after a long conversation with Raju Sundas. I can’t help but be encouraged every time I talk to him. In the midst of all the misfortunes that have happened around Light’s House Foundation (LHFN), it is full speed ahead. They said several lease agreements and cut back on costs, other landlords have great trust in them and said that it is possible to pay a few months ‘ time, it is also with the shops where they buy food. People are so benevolent. 

But the finest Raju told me was if one of the badiflickorna at one of the homes. She and her parents came and wanted to give a piece of land that they had been given by the Government so that LHFN could sell it. “Take the land and sell it to buy food for the children,” said them. These words touched me very strongly because I know what poverty Badifolket live in. Badifolket have never owned land and it is the biggest reason they have been so poor, but in recent years, the Government has begun to allocate land to them so that they can grow something and live by the crops. That this family would like to give away what they had and give to the LHFN, it is so touching.

When I heard about this so it came such a conviction that everything will eventually become really wonderfully good. God’s heart is large and can accommodate them all. Our hearts are a little less but can accommodate them too. We have received a few new donors in the last month. It’s just a small trickle yet, but with the eye of faith, I see the rännilen increase in strength and become bigger and bigger. None of these children should have to miss anything.

The cousins Sita and Hanna Badi who had their lives transformed by LHFN. Hanna on the right is now one of the Board members and leaders of LHFN and represented the work of ABC TV during the month of January.

It happened in January

We are working on and look rännilen grow to. Do you want to be?

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Many warm greetings,

Håkan Gabrielsson