Building a model village fighting trafficking holistically

At the beginning of this year 2020 we have embarked on a whole new project – a housing program for a village that for many years have suffered severely under the curse of the sex trade.

It’s our goal to help to lift people out of poverty and create jobs and see an increase in living-standard, so that people would have a chance to leave old lifestyles. We are doing this joint-program with Lighthouse Foundation Nepal and Build Up Nepal. 

Phase one of the project has just finished. The production site to produce bricks and building materials was set up (see below photos), workers have been trained and the model house has been completed. It will be used as office and show house.

We want to see next phase start as soon as possible. The local villagers have been empowered through the training and it would be fantastic to keep the momentum going. We need USD 5000 to buy sand, cement and other building material to continue to make bricks for the following houses. The next phase is for five more houses and if we can have at least a couple houses finished before the monsoon season (June to September), it will be a great encouragement and keep the momentum going.

As we receive funds we will build; brick by brick and house by house. If you haven’t visited, please do it! You’ll get an understanding of what we are doing.

Be a part of creating this model village and support this special project to break the bondage of sex-trafficking in their community.

Help us by passing this mail around to friends or acquaintances that could be interested

Team Out of Ashes