Lighthouse Foundation Nepal receives prestigious award from Speaker of the Parliament

Lighthouse Foundation is given a prestigious award by the Speaker of the Parliament.

Youth Parliament Nepal, YPN organizes a conference annually and presents an award to someone who has contributed politically, socially or economically in their respective countries and communities. The recipient must be involved in social work.

Youth Parliament Nepal:

“The objective of this award is to inspire individuals from around the globe and recognize their contribution that has added value to the creative endeavors in serving humanity. Selection Criteria: An autonomous selection committee formed by YPN decides the awardees based upon the application and by also conducting its own external research and recommendations. The award committee decision is taken as the final decision for the selection. The nominee must have been engaged in social work.”

YPN has a partnership with the European Union, ActionAid, USAID, Save the Children, Care Nepal, Global Network for Sustainable Development GNSD, Kathmandu University and others. The conference is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Population and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Civil Aviation Authority in Nepal.


This year, the prize went to Lighthouse Foundation Nepal (LHFN) as recognition for their outstanding social work for children of Nepal and especially to the Badi people.

The Speaker of the Parliament of Nepal awarded the prize to Vijay Lama, President of LHFN, at the YPN-conference on 11-12 August in Kathmandu. Participants from 21 countries were present, including several ambassadors from different countries.

We know how Vijay, the staff and the entire leadership of LHFN put their soul and heart into the care of the children and how they constantly struggle to drive the work forward despite the difficult economic situation. They spend many hours working to give the children opportunities for a better future that their parents never had.

We congratulate and salute LHFN to the award and the recognition by civic society and government authorities. They are worthy recipients of this prestigious award.

Children and staff from LHFN were present at the ceremony on August 11.

Bus accident in Nepal

All the children are back in the hostel having been released from the hospital after the severe accident and following trauma that occurred on July 18th. The only one remaining in the hospital is the driver’s helper who suffered a head injury. He has been operated in the head but also needs eye surgery. A nurse has been employed for a few months to take care of the children’s injuries and help with medication. They have also received follow-up visits to the hospital.


In the midst of this accident and the difficult thing that happened, there is however some positive things taking place as awareness of Lighthouse school, Christian Community School has increased due to media coverage. There were big news stories in newspapers, television and radio and the public has been engaged and become interested. There has also of course been major medical costs as well as costs for the repair of the vehicle, but with combined help from partners in the US and Japan the initial costs could be paid. There are however still great needs and we are grateful for your help. 

Trip in September

Several of us from our board of directors will make a trip to Nepal in September to look at opportunities to start and develop a holistic model-village-project that can help in creating new opportunities to break the trafficking cycle.

Ending Trafficking, Restoring Lives

Our motto is Ending trafficking, Restoring lives. We continue to work against the scourge of  sex slavery and child prostitution reaching those who are most in need.

Out of Ashes partnership and support of Lighthouse Foundation is built only on free-will donations and we are grateful for any donation towards the work.

Donation details at


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