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Sex Trafficking - the human rights issues of our time.

The global human trafficking harvests hundreds of thousands of victims each year, mainly due to poverty and hunger. Many parents and relatives see themselves even forced to sell their daughters to get an income and survive. It is a vicious circle and many traffickers thrive in this vile trade.

We believe that the only way to truly break the cycle of abused women and girls and create lasting change is to provide education through school and vocational training, so that new income opportunities are made possible. 

Out of Ashes is a non-profit charitable organization registered in Sweden working together with national and International partners to combat human trafficking and child prostitution, as well as provide aid for the poor and marginalized. Since February 2009 we have a close relationship with our Nepalese partner organization Light House Foundation Nepal who has grown to currently become the largest non-profit organization working for children and women in Nepal. They have a very good standing with the Nepalese government and are ranked among the three best well-run non-profits in the country.