No longer sexual toys

I have completed two thirds of my Asian trip and have just a few days left here in Yangon Myanmar. I was together in Nepal with a nine-member team from Umeå, Sweden and then with a team from USA for a couple of days.

Our visit to Surkhet area in western Nepal was amazing and we were all so touched and moved by the things we experienced. We visited the area from where most of the children in the Kathmandu hostels come. Almost 600 hundred children get education and a new life in Kathmandu through Lighthouse Foundation.

We were greeted with traditional dance, we heard testimonies and stories by girls that have been rescued from sexual exploitation and we visited two of the villages, etc. The personal stories the girls share takes your breath away and you wonder how people can be so cruel and coldhearted against other human beings. It’s like these brothel owners or traffickers that trade in human lives are from another world devoid of feelings and compassion.

So many children are in danger of sexual abuse in the Badi community and in one of the villages in particular the need was so stark. They lack employment and will do anything to get food for the day. A couple of the village members got agitated and told us of their hunger, so before we left we drove to the nearest big community and bought 500 kg of rice to leave with them. The needs are endless because of poverty, sexual abuse, trafficking and lack of education. In fact a couple of days ago the team from Venture were able to rescue a few more girls that were in the danger zone  to be trafficked.

“No longer sexual toys but people”


We also met a number of the college girls we sponsor through our Fund for Higher Studies as they were back in the villages visiting family and relatives during the festival times in October and November.

We need more sponsors for them as we are giving out but not enough is coming in to the Fund. We have committed to sponsor 55 students and we have their profiles.  It costs 100 USD per month for 3-4 few years to give them an education that will change their future.


Some of the college girls we sponsor

Thank you all for your help and support in the work. It means so much

Many warm greetings,

Håkan Gabrielsson

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