Increase of sexual abuse, starvation and suicides under lockdown

Women’s rights groups in Nepal have reported an increase of domestic violence, rapes and other kinds of abuse against women during the lockdown. There have also been reports of people dying of starvation.

One case that was highlighted in newspapers a few days ago in Kathmandu, was a 21 year old woman who killed her newborn baby because she had no money and no food to feed the baby. In view of reports like these we are very glad that we were able to help so many poor starving people, especially among the Badi community, through the food-aid we have sent. We have provided food for hundreds of people during these two months of lockdown. The lockdown is scheduled to end on 2 June unless there is a further extension. The severe problems however remain even after the lockdown is lifted, but at least people have the opportunity to go out and maybe find a job to get food for that day.

Discrimination, the caste system, stigma, lack of jobs, no housing and extreme poverty are forces that drive Badi women in selling their bodies for income. There have been some improvements to their living conditions over the last few years, yet the situation is basically the same;

Out of Ashes sponsors many children from Badi areas in western Nepal for schooling in Lighthouse Foundation’s school in Kathmandu. Through a holistic approach we want to help children with school but also create jobs and skills for parents, and provide opportunity for hygienically safe living conditions. In Kailali district in western Nepal we are doing this through brick-making and a housing project.

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