Building the future

Our focus is ‘Ending trafficking, Restoring’ lives and we want to do this through a holistic approach in a model village where we can help children with school, create jobs and skills for parents, and provide opportunity for hygienically safe living conditions.

In a joint commitment between Out of Ashes (OOA), Lighthouse Foundation Nepal (LHFN) and Build up Nepal, a Nepali/Swedish social building company, we embarked on a special housing project in January 2020. The goal is to build a model village with earthquake-proof, environmentally friendly low-cost houses and to create local jobs and opportunities for the people in the community. The village will be built primarily by the locals themselves who will be given knowledge, vocational skills, jobs and a sense of pride in building their own future.

The building process provides lots of on-the-job training, and those who become skilled will have the opportunity for employment even after the project is finished. An educated construction worker can earn relatively well in today’s Nepal. The machines and equipment purchased to make bricks are donated to the village, and this provides opportunities to start their own business.