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We are so excited about recent visits from partners and friends to Nepal. During the month of February and now in March there was a constant flow of visitors as more people want to be involved in the work. It is such a rewarding ministry in many ways.

Our friends from Venture Expeditions, USA visited in a perfect time and were able to give great help for staff and leadership in a trying time. Shortly after that a group from our partners in Japan visited and came away with changed hearts for the nation of Nepal. Hearts were ignited and committed to do more to grow and increase the work against trafficking. In between these trips a group from Australia also visited.

Again, last week, there were some a other partners from Japan visiting. They are looking into business opportunities that will increase the support base for the sponsorship program for the children. One of the ladies that visited is a gospel choir leader and she recorded songs with the Badi girls. She has started a network they call ‘Friends of Badi’ and she will produce a CD that will be sold at gospel concerts all over Japan. She and her business partner are also starting a coffee shop in Japan and went to visit coffee farmers. The idea is to produce our own brand – Badi coffee – with a unique design. ‘Coffee with a cause’ is a good catch phrase don’t you think, or something else. 

Approval granted for ten years

Another noteworthy thing that took place recently was that the government of Nepal gave an approval for Lighthouse Foundation and Hosanna Church to coexist in the same building. According to a new law that came into effect after the earthquake there has to be a complete separation between secular social work and religious work. But the government has in this case granted a waiver for ten years. The reason being that when the construction was started for a four-story building at the end of 2014, the agreement was that Lighthouse Foundation would use two floors as hostels for children and Hosanna Church would use two floors for their work. When the new law came into effect in the midst of the building process it caused a big problem that has been very difficult to solve. Now everyone has agreed that three floors will be used as hostels for children and one floor as sanctuary for the church. This means that the rental cost of Lighthouse will be reduced considerably as they will be able to cancel rents for at least five buildings where they now rent.

Some of Ligthouse college students

Twenty-four of Ligthouse students passed Pre Test Exams with excellent marks

Twenty-four of the students appeared for Pre Test Exams at the end of January in preparation for the very important SLC exams (grade 10) starting on 16 March. All of them passed with excellent marks at the Pre Test Exams.  The SLC exams determines if they can continue their studies and continue on to college. Thank you for your support to give them a future.

Futsal Tournament

On 27th February 2017, eleven boys from Lighthouse participated in Inter Children Home National Futsal Tournament, LIFT cup – 2017. 55 children homes and 600 children participated. It was organized in association with Central Child Welfare Board and Children Homes Federation Nepal. The competition was tough and the Lighthouse boys won in the first league but couldn’t win the cup. Next year they will surely make it.

Ligthouse boys going all in!

We still need more sponsors for the children and we are so glad for your help. We have profiles for each child to send you if you want to help.

A regular gift of USD 25, 50, 100 or more will give the children in Ligth House a chance to a new life.



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We work towards ending child prostitution, sexual abuse and the sale of girls and women restoring broken lives out of the ashes…” och

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