A great initiative

Our dear friends Gustav & Lena Lander is on their way to Nepal again. As they have done before they are trying to raise money to be able to bring a gift with them to Lighthouse Foundations. This time there was a great need for school uniforms, schools supplies and and other clothes for 100 of the girls that are staying at the hostels. To accomplish this they need to raise little more than 6,000 USD. So right now they are challenging friends and others to join them. As for today they have been reach more than half of the goal. We really like their initiative and has just published a live video with them on our Facebook page.

If you want to join them you can make a donation at this page. Mark it for “Landers Nepal 2016” If you live in Sweden you can also send your gift straight to Landers. You can find all the information you need at a post on our Facebook page. We will keep you updated as the arrive in Nepal later this week.


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