Child Care

We believe that the best way to truly break the cycle of abused women and girls and create lasting change, is to provide education through school and vocational training so that new income opportunities are made possible.


LHFN runs several student hostels and a school in three different places in the country (in Heutauda in the south and Surkhet in the west, as well as the main center in in Kathmandu). The main hostel was dedicated in February 2018 in Kathmandu.


To offer education and accommodation is by far the best way to prevent vulnerable children from being sold or used in sex trade. Poverty is the main reason why trafficking is flourishing because poor families are desperately seeking income and are often forced to do the unthinkable. LHFN gives children the opportunity for a future through studies and vocational training at the various student hostels and schools in Nepal.

Due to discrimination against the Badi children in the regular schools, Christian Community School (CCS) was started 2011 to provide a good education in a non-discriminatory environment. The main school is in Kathmandu, which has a program from Kindergarten to Grade 11, and a branch in Surkhet (western Nepal).

Vocational training

Social enterprise is also something that is emphasized, i.e. helping young people get vocational training and professional experience. It is important to provide opportunities for vocational training for youth that cannot study at university or college. LHFN encourages entrepreneurship in small businesses such as starting cafés, hairdressing salons, bakeries, jewellery production, bicycle repairs, etc.