The first Badi Café opens

We have been working in Japan several years to raise awareness about the anti-trafficking work in Nepal. Our daughter Sanna lives in Nisshin, a city in the Nagoya area and is working with this. We have a vision to see congregations, organizations and individuals join a sponsorship network that can contribute to the cost of the work in Nepal. Our partner there is Mark Magnusson and Bethany Assemblies.

Hanna from Nepal has moved to Nagoya as well for some time and joined Sanna. Hanna was one of the girls in the very first group of thirty girls that came to the first girls’ hostel that was established in Kathmandu. She was only fifteen years old then but is now twenty-two. She will study sociology at Kathmandu University and are preparing to lead the Badi work in the future, but for now she is in Japan for a season. They visit churches and schools and share about the work creating awareness about trafficking.

This month they were part of the pre-opening of the first Badi Café in Japan (and in the world also, for that matter). Below Hanna and Sanna are pictured with the group of Japanese friends working on the project. Mika Sato is the woman who got a vision after visiting Nepal to start a café and raise funds for the work. She has also started a network called Badi Friends.

Sanna, Mika Sato (the visionary for the Badi Café), Hanna and Koji Sato (Mika’s husband)

Sanna & Hanna above with the new delicious freshly roasted coffee from Nepal at the new Badi Café in Okazaki. And yes, there is a picture of Hanna on the front of the package! The coffee from Lighthouse Foundation Nepal is called “30 Second Coffee” to raise awareness that every thirty seconds a child is sold into slavery somewhere in the world.

Even here in Sweden we are working on building relationships with people who could join us and help support the work in Nepal. As the leader of Out of Ashes, unfortunately, my biggest lack is that I lived abroad for many years and worked as a missionary in Asia and do not have many contacts or relations among the churches in Sweden. Even after seven years in Sweden, I feel this big shortcoming. The costs in Nepal are great and we need help to keep the work going.

Good news for SLC (School Leaving Certificate) students in Katgmandu

The SLC students who graduated a couple of months ago all passed their exams and have been admitted to higher studies.

The SLC students destined for higher studies


The Miriam children thrive and grow

The children from Miriam Baby Centre, which had to be integrated into the other girls’ homes, when the centre closed six months ago, are happy small children. They love school and are all keeping healthy.

Happy kids – The Miriam kids

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Håkan & Erika Gabrielsson


We work towards ending child prostitution, sexual abuse and the sale of girls and women restoring broken lives out of the ashes…”  


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